Monterey Pine and Pampas Grass
Pink Cirrus Clouds
Sierra Skiing
Sierra Powder
Monterey Bay Sunset
Pacific storm drives onto the California coast
Carmel Bay Cypress
Monterey Bay Looking North
Sky and Sea Montage
Nightfall over the Aptos Cliffs
Pampas-Framed Beach
Aptos Sunset with Monterey Pine
Two Pampas Stalks
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Red Sunset and Black Pampas Grass
Capitola from North
Rio Del Mar Sunset
La Selva Beach
Seacliff Beach Sunset
Sunset and Storm
Reflections at Sunset
Capitola at Night
Western Gull and Capitola Venetians
Winter Sunset over Capitola Wharf
Willets: Rio Del Mar Beach
Seacliff Wharf and Runner
Aptos Creek Estuary at Night
Sunset and Storm: Seacliff Beach
Capitola Beach from the Wharf
Light on the Ocean
Sunset Silhouettes
Capitola Village from Stockton Bridge
Soquel Creek at Capitola
Storm Clouds: Seacliff Beach
Mackerel Sky over Monterey Bay
Pampas Grass
Pampas Grass in Silhouette
Freight Train on the Coast Line
Monterey Pine and Pampas Grass
Capitola Wharf under Storm Clouds
Cirrus Clouds at Sunset

 California Central Coast Portfolio

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storm sunset.JPG (28474 bytes) sunset and birds.JPG (31998 bytes) Capitola night.jpg (32504 bytes) gull and Venetian.jpg (245347 bytes)
Storm and Sunset Reflections at Sunset Capitola at Night Western Gull and Pink Venetian
Capitola wharf winter.JPG (21240 bytes) willets.jpg (26134 bytes) wharf and runner.jpg (20463 bytes) Scan21.sepia.jpg (17983 bytes)
Capitola Pier Willets, Rio Del Mar Sunset Run Aptos Creek Estuary
sunset colors.JPG (27011 bytes) Capitola from wharf.JPG (71446 bytes) Light on ocean.jpg (35168 bytes) silhouettes.jpg (199296 bytes)
Seacliff Beach Sunset Capitola from the Wharf Light on the Ocean Silhouettes
Stockton Bridge.JPG (33282 bytes) Capitola and Whitney.JPG (37478 bytes) storm clouds.JPG (32653 bytes) Mackeral Sky.jpg (31519 bytes)
Stockton Bridge Soquel Creek At Capitola Seacliff Beach: Sunset and Storm Mackerel Sky
Pampas Grass.jpg (180512 bytes) Dark Pampas.JPG (27115 bytes) Monterey Pine and Pampas Grass.JPG (153383 bytes) Capitola Wharf Storm Clouds.jpg (53308 bytes)
Pampas Grass Dark Pampas Monterey Pine and Pampas Grass Capitola Wharf and Storm Clouds
Sunset and Sirrus.JPG (28181 bytes) Freight Train.JPG (66012 bytes) La_Selva_Beach.JPG (30241 bytes) Capitola from North.JPG (37157 bytes)
Sunset and Cirrus Freight Train La Selva Beach Capitola from North
Sunset Rio Del Mar.JPG (19976 bytes) Santa Cruz Boardwalk.JPG (57038 bytes) Red Sunset, Black Pampas Grass.JPG (16845 bytes) Two Pampas Stalks.jpg (74870 bytes)
Rio Del Mar Sunset Santa Cruz Boardwalk Red Sunset Black Pampas Two Pampas Stalks
Oct 03 sunset and tree.JPG (45499 bytes) Pampas Framed Beach.JPG (42942 bytes) Sunset Rio Del Mar 2.JPG (34241 bytes) Sunset Rio Del Mar 3.JPG (55984 bytes)
Aptos Sunset with Monterey Pine Pampas-Framed Beach Nightfall over Aptos Cliffs Monterey Bay Looking North
Sea and Sky Montage.JPG (41827 bytes) Cypress.JPG (27652 bytes) Pacific storm.JPG (21969 bytes)  Sunset and figures.JPG (25830 bytes)
Sea and Sky Montage Carmel Bay  Cypress Pacific Storm A Monterey Bay Sunset
Sierra snowfield.JPG (63152 bytes) Sierra skiing.JPG (53184 bytes) Pink Cirrus.JPG (24463 bytes)
Sierra Powder Sierra Skiing Pink Cirrus