Cliff Succulents
Headland Cove in Point Lobos
Rock Strata
Point Lobos

Blacktail deer on the cliffs above Headland Cove at Point Lobos, California.

As noted on the State Parks web page for Point Lobos,In 1603, Sebastian Vizcaino led three Spanish ships into Monterey Bay on an exploratory mission. He discovered that the lands around the bay teemed with wildlife: grizzly bears and tule elk roamed the lakes and marshes of the Salinas Valley; herds of pronghorn antelope graced the foothills; wolves, mountain lions, and the occasional jaguar preyed upon the plentiful supply of deer and rabbits; and black bear patrolled the rugged mountainous terrain of the interior.

The Monterey County landscape has changed dramatically since the arrival of the first European explorers, and much of our natural heritage has been lost or severely reduced, but there are still places which have survived relatively intact where we can get a glimpse into the past. Point Lobos State Reserve is one of the most easily accessible areas. Black-tailed deer are commonly seen grazing throughout the reserve, especially in the morning or early evening, or when surprised from their daytime beds within the forest.

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